1. fuck
    Memphis, Tennessee
  2. Spectre Folk
    Northampton, Massachusetts
  3. Disappears + Steve Shelley + White/Light
    Chicago, Illinois
  4. Mosquito
    Hoboken, New Jersey
  5. Tim Prudhomme
    Memphis, Tennessee
  6. tony scherr
    Brooklyn, New York
  7. Hungry Ghosts
    Melbourne, Australia
  8. J.P. Shilo
    Melbourne, Australia
  9. Jad Fair
    Austin, Texas
  10. Hallogallo 2010
    Hamburg, Germany
  11. Chris Lee
    New York
  12. White/Light
    Chicago, Illinois
  13. Overpass
    Los Angeles, California
  14. The Clears
    Memphis, Tennessee
  15. The Raincoats
    London, UK


Vampire Blues Hoboken, New Jersey

Vampire Blues is the creation of Sonic Youth pulse maker Steve Shelley which rose from the ashes of the Smells Like Records Label and has been an avid purveyor of eclectic grooves since first blooming in 1992. Vampire Blues Bandcamp page includes some of our SLR favorites and lost and unreleased gems such as Gata Pirâmide and Disaappears-SS- White/Light ... more

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